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The IKB Kip certification scheme is a global chain quality system for the entire poultry meat sector. This allows all links involved in the production of IKB Kip poultry meat (from breeding to processing) to ensure production methods guarantees, for instance regarding the quality and safeguarding of the quality. IKB Kip is a dynamic system that is constantly developing. IKB Kip’s scheme management lies with the PLUIMNED foundation. The ‘daily management’ of IKB Kip, for instance for the preparation of alterations and the further development of the scheme, lies with the Central Board of Experts of IKB Kip. All IKB Kip stakeholders are represented in the Central Board of Experts.

IKB Kip certification scheme

To find the IKB Kip certification scheme click here. The IKB Kip certification scheme has been accepted by the Accreditation Board in accordance with ISO / IEC 17065.


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