To monitor who visits your farm, it is important that visitors sign the visitors’ register. A visitor is someone other than the farmer and his staff entering the premises. Provision J13 in Annex 1.2 (Regulations for poultry farms) describes the elements with which the visitors’ register must comply. Provision J14 in Annex 1.2 (Regulations for poultry farms) states that the farmer should have a hygiene protocol which is visible to visitors. Visitors must declare, via the visitors’ register, that they have read and taken note of the hygiene protocol. The protocol describes aspects including what visitors should do on entering the farm premises.

Amendments to hygiene regulations 1 June 2019
Prevention is important to avoid spreading pathogens and other infections. To exclude Avian Influenza (AI) or an infection caused by pathogens such as Salmonella, ILT and Coryza, good hygiene standards are becoming increasingly important. Controlling animal diseases entails, among other things, high costs. Therefore, amended hygiene regulations will apply in the IKB Kip scheme from 1 June 2019. For more information on these regulations have a look on the file 'Amendments to hygiene regulation 1 June 2019' in the block with files on this webpage or click here.