Who should use the shower?

All visitors who enter the clean zone of a building must take a shower. A shower must also be taken when the visitor leaves the barn. Clean in for the poultry farm and clean out for the poultry sector. After all, human-animal contact is one of the greatest risks related to introducing and spreading pathogens. Visitors and materials that have been in contact with other poultry are a potential vector of poultry diseases. From 1 July 2019 arrive clean, leave clean (incl. showering on arrival and departure) has been a standard principle in IKB Kip. The visitor must shower his/her whole body using warm water and soap for at least five minutes (in accordance with hygiene protocol of IKB Kip). Visitors are understood to be all persons who enter the premises (the buildings), with the exception of the farmer and the farm staff. For example veterinarians, feed advisers, vaccination crews, inspectors, consultants etc

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