Participation in IKB Kip

Those who opt to participate, must follow the rules of the IKB Kip certification scheme. All participating links guarantee that they do what they promised. This responds to the wishes from the purchasers and society. If you decide to participate in IKB Kip, you can register at a Certification Authority.

Process for participation in IKB Kip

  • You must register at an acknowledged Certification Authority (CA). The CA makes an appointment for a certification inspection at your location.
  • We advise you to look at the IKB norms for your company to prepare for the inspection.
  • Before (or at the start of) the certification inspection, you must also sign a participation agreement.
  • When all is agreed, you will receive the IKB Kip certificate and you will be included in the IKB register. You can find more information on this register at IKB Kip certified companies.
  • In principle, a certificate is valid for 1 year.
  • To receive a new certificate, an inspection must again be conducted before the end of your current certificate. You are responsible for timely arranging the required inspection.


For more information on the rates for inspection, evaluation, and such, please contact the CAs.

Additionally, a participation contribution is charged. The participation contribution is a contribution that is collected once a year (per certificate).

In order to bring about the strengthening of our business, it is essential to invest in IKB Kip. For that reason, the directors of PLUIMNED passed a resolution to increase the participants’ contribution for 2019. In order to set the amount of the contribution, the Central Board of Experts (CCvD) and the directors of PLUIMNED have examined the plans for next year and have determined the costs of these activities. The underlying principle is efficient implementation at the lowest possible cost. Whenever possible, the participants’ contribution will be reduced, as was the case in previous years. Given the plans to strengthen IKB Kip, the costs for 2019 are higher.

The table below shows the participants’ contribution for 2019.

Individual IKB Kip participants Participants’ contribution 2019 (excl. VAT)
Primary companies/farms  € 350
Slaughterhouses/cutting plants  € 350
Hatcheries  € 800
Main site of a Multi-site  basic amount of € 2.500 plus € 25 per sub location

 The contributions from IKB Participants will for example be spent on the following activities:
● Management of IKB Kip certification programme
● Harmonisation with the sector  - including via the Central Board of Experts (CCvD) at IKB Kip
● Support for (potential) IKB participants
● Steering towards and supervision of CIs
● Development of IKB Kip certification scheme
● Management of IKB database – this database includes all IKB inspection reports and an overview of all participants
● In 2019, we will be aiming to strengthen IKB Kip, for example with regard to:
    ○ Food safety – a.o. through better security for incoming flows
    ○ Support to participants – with information provision via the IKB service counter
    ○ Vulnerabilities within and supervision of the IKB Kip system
    ○ Quality Assurance at IKB Kip

In 2018, the participation rates amount to:

  • Main site of a Multi-site: basic amount of € 2.000 plus € 20 per sub location
  • Individual companies (KIP numbers): € 170

The participation contribution is independent of the costs for inspection and evaluation by the CA.