IKB Kip sign

A new IKB Kip sign has been developed. The existing texts on the IKB Kip sign are outdated and need to be replaced. Therefore, the new IKB Kip sign has new texts and a fresher, modern appeal. Furthermore, this sign must emanate pride: the IKB Kip participant complies with international and national regulations and the standards set by IKB Kip which exceed the statutory standards.

The new IKP Kip sign consists of different components which contribute to the pride of the poultry meat industry:

  • The IKB Kip logo, participating companies can be recognized by this;
  • We are proud that the produced poultry meat is a safe and healthy piece of meat;
  • Everyone can find more information about the IKB Kip certification scheme via this link;
  • IKB Kip is a Dutch certification scheme;
  • Independent, guaranteed inspections are performed. This is safeguarded by means of the acceptance by the Dutch Accreditation Board, in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17065 standard;
  • In addition to international and national regulations, IKP Kip sets its own standards which exceed the statutory standards.

Sascha Smits
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