Reintroduction of HOSOWO (hygienogram, barn inspection and water testing)

The new HOSOWO regulations come into effect per 1 July 2019. The provisions in these regulations relate to: hygienogram, barn inspection and (drinking)water testing. Some of the important points are mentioned below. We advise you to read the full details on the website.

  • A hygienogram, barn inspection and water testing must be performed by an approved HOSOWO authority, or by the vet with whom you have an IKB agreement.
  • A barn inspection is only mandatory if a salmonella infection has been established in the stable.
  • Drinking water testing should be performed at least once every 12 months (365 days). IKB Kip indicates which sampling requirements must be complied with for testing (via HOSOWO regulation) and the applicable requirements and standards for analysis.
    • All the details of drinking water testing can be found here, see Annex 1.2A regulations F15 to F19
  • After your barn has been cleaned and disinfected, poultry farmers must have a hygienogram performed. At (rearing) (grandparent) parent establishments this must be done before setting up each new flock. Broiler farms must perform a hygienogram once per calendar year.
    • See the complete regulations for hygienograms here
      • Annex 1.2B: Regulations for rearing of grandparent and parent breeding OC04 and OC05
      • Annex 1.2C: Regulations for (great) grandparent and parent breeding FE06 and FE07
      • Annex 1.2D: Regulations for broiler establishments VG04 and VG05

Would you like to know which companies are HOSOWO-approved to perform these inspections/tests? Click here (available in Dutch only). Most of the HOSOWO-companies are located in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. It’s also allowed to let the vet with whom you have an IKB agreement carry out the before mentioned activities.