Obligation to report incidents IKB Kip

As an expert in close contact with daily practice, you may observe certain issues (earlier) than we do. Things that strike you or (suspicion) of improper or abnormal actions can be reported (anonymously) via the IKB Reporting Centre. By helping each other in this way we can improve food safety and quality even more.

Reporting incidents for IKB Kip participants
With effect from 1 June 2019, incidents (or suspicions) on your own farm must be reported to the IKB Reporting Centre. Your notification will allow IKB Kip to identify the scope of the incident and help limit its impact. Reporting incidents on your own farm is an addition to the existing IKB Reporting Centre.

An incident can be a (suspected) violation or a deviation from statutory or non-statutory regulations.
As an IKB Kip participant, you can report the following: 

IKB Kip participants should report incidents that concern their own farm that relate to the scope of IKB Kip, e.g. in the areas of food safety, hygiene or traceability (statutory and non-statutory regulations). IKB Kip participants should report this within 24 hours of the incident being observed.

Reporting to the IKB Reporting Centre

The IKB Reporting Centre uses one report form. Depending on that nature of the incident you are reporting, the report form selects the relevant questions necessary to submit the report.

The following can be reported to the IKB Reporting Centre:

  • Incidents on the farm owned/managed by IKB participants;
  • incidents or suspicions observed elsewhere by IKB participants, non-IKB participants and third parties. Reports can be submitted anonymously.

As well as submitting a reporting via the report form, incidents or suspicions can also be reported by telephone on + 31 (0) 88 998 4390.

Should I report incidents to other organisations?

You should report incidents on your own farm and incidents observed elsewhere (or suspicions), which (may) result in animals or products that do not comply with legislation to IKB Kip in any case. 

Refer to the ’’How and when to report incidents’’ flow chart for more details on how to report incidents and to which organisation.