Amendment to quality evaluation of broilers

The quality evaluation system of broilers on the slaughter line forms an important part of the IKB Kip certification scheme. The evaluation provides an impression of the quality of the broilers supplied. To improve quality, the following aspects of the evaluation system of broilers have been amended:

  • The abattoir provides the supplier (= the supplier of the broilers. e.g. the broiler farmer or trader) with feedback regarding the results of the quality evaluation (IKB evaluation of broilers) within two working days after delivery of the broilers.
  • The poultry farmer must inform the relevant loading team/ persons involved in loading the broilers about the percentage of injuries. This should be done within four days after receipt of this data from the abattoir.

The abattoir monitors various aspects in the context of the quality evaluation system. Amendments have been made to the following points:

  1. Emptiness of the intestinal tract -> Monitoring the gut content and droppings in the container no longer applies;
  2. Determining injuries to the broilers -> new monitoring and scoring system;
  3. Quality of the bedding -> monitoring manure stains and burns has been replaced by monitoring skin discoloration on the breast;
  4. Scabby hips -> monitoring of cellulitis no longer applies;
  5. Uniformity -> no changes.

The most important amendment is the way in which injuries are determined. Until now, IKB Kip had a specific system in which bleeding or contusions/damage to the breast, legs and wings were evaluated separately. From now only contusions (over 3 centimetres) will be examined

Would you like to know more about the amended evaluation system? Click here and have a careful look at Annex 8.